Sea of Thieves

The exciting world of ‘Sea of Thieves’ continues to grow. We first embarked on a voyage of discovery with Rare’s team several years ago, having been involved with the game right from its early conception.

It’s huge popularity continues to enable it to navigate uncharted territories as it continues to expand the game’s world and experiences with regular updates. This latest trailer marks the first anniversary of the game with a major new update. ‘Sea of Thieves: Tall Tales’ contains the first part of a set of story-rich quests that allow its players to embark on an epic adventure of love, honour and betrayal in search of the mythical Shores of Gold. Produced in UE4, this latest trailer for ‘Sea of Thieves’ utilises many of the assets available in the game to create a cinematic experience that will appeal to it’s growing army sea-faring players.

Forsaken Shores

John McFarlane, Community Video manager at Rare:

“Tall Tales was an epic undertaking. Creating narrative in a shared world has never been done before and it was the final pillar that we wanted to achieve with Sea of Thieves. Giving players the opportunity to craft their own narratives while on this grand adventure was a unique challenge but capitalised on the rich lore our universe already has. Players will get to delve deeper and be more invested in the world and its characters than ever before.

Realtime have been and continue to be a world class partner. They all always go above and beyond and deliver trailers that exceed our expectations. We look forward to continuing to work with them and seeing what stories we can tell with Sea of Thieves.”


Hungering Deep