Pipeline TD - Cinematics

Our Cinematics team is on the grow and we are now looking for someone to come in and provide technical support for our Cinematics and TV/Film teams. You will be working with our Lead on the Cinematics pipeline to help develop the necessary tools, pipeline and systems that are required to streamline production.

Associate Art Director

At REALTIME we are delivering more high end projects than ever. We now need an Associate level Art Director to support our Art/Creative Director in defining the art styles and direction of TV/VFX content for our clients. If you can meet the challenge, and have an affinity for client relationships then we want to hear from you.

UE4 VFX Artist

We are creating some really ground breaking content for clients for both in engine/realtime and pre rendered cinematics. For some of these projects we are pushing UE4/Niagara and Houdini as far as we can. If you're someone who loves to push the same stuff, we should get together on some cool projects!

Senior FX TD - Contract

We have two amazing shows that we are working on at the moment where we are producing some ground breaking FX in Houdni and UE4. To make the magic happen though, we need another Senior (or LEad) FX TD who loves tinkering in Houdini and pushing that program like crazy.


Love what you do? So do we, sounds mushy but it’s true. We love everything about animation, film making and the characters in our business that make an impact on the global stage. If you are one of them we’d love to hear from you.

Doesn’t matter if our advertised roles don’t match your skills, if you love CG and have the goodies to prove it we want to know. Ping over a link to your reel so we can love what you do too. (Oh, send a breakdown too, so we know exactly your input to your reel).


Realtime UK