• Lighting
  • Visual FX
  • Rendering
  • Compositing & Post-Production
  • Live-Action
  • Visual FX
  • Real-time VFX
  • Multiple Engines supported including proprietary
2.5D / Motion design
  • Artwork Creation
  • Animation
  • Visual FX
  • Rendering
  • Compositing & Post-Production
  • On-set VFX Supervision
  • 3D Key-Frame Animation
  • 2.5D Motion Graphics
  • Motion and Performance Capture Rigging
Creative Visual Development
  • Pre-Visualisation
  • Concept, Design & Look
  • Development
  • Visual Target Movies
  • Creation of Marketing and Print Materials
In-Engine Cinematics
As in-game graphics for games continues to reach new levels of belief, the Realtime team are living up to their name in being able to offer the highest levels of visual fidelity for trailers and cinematics created in-engine. Realtime have a specialist award winning team that can deliver the highest levels of fidelity that will showcase your game.
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Concept Art
All of our productions benefit from a rigorous pre-production phase in which Concept Art is a key component. Used to effectively communicate to our clients our vision for the production, these services are also available for use by our clients on their own projects. If you’re looking to create new worlds or life-forms for your game, get in touch – We’d love to help with the visual development of your project.
Game of Thrones CG trailer
Pre-Rendered Cinematics
The ultimate visual experience for games. Realtime are one of only a handful of specialist CG studios in the world that can boast a state of the art rendering facility and a proven track record in delivering blockbuster CG trailers over a 20 year record. Working with some of the biggest games publishers and Developers in the world, Realtime are continually advancing our production pipeline and investing in the best talent to deliver astounding storytelling and visuals.
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Realtime appreciate the best projects come in all shapes and sizes and are able to offer a 2.5D solution for clients looking for great storytelling that doesn’t compromise on delivering outstanding storytelling and visuals. Our 2.5D pipeline offers full creative development and art creation by our team in the UK.
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Realtime VFX
Live Action
Our team’s background in live-action and our state of the art rendering facilities, combined with some of the best visual effects talent in the industry means that we are able to offer live-action solutions to our clients. Working with specialist production partners our team have delivered big budget productions for some of the biggest clients in games and are now in huge demand from the & TV sector
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