Subnautica Below Zero: Making a Trailer in ZBrush & UE4

Our team members discussed the behind-the-scenes of a 3D animation creation process and the subtleties of delivering comedy through animated videos.

Hollywood animator joins REALTIME as Animation Director

Digital animation, cinematics and VFX studio Realtime has appointed a new Animation Director. Frenchman Nicolas Seck has experience in senior and lead animation roles in over 30 major films since 1997. Most recently, he has worked on Wonder Woman 1984, The Kid Who Would Be King and John Lewis's recent Christmas advert starring Edgar the Dragon.

Realtime UK Studio Ups Recruits for BBC’s ‘War of the Worlds’

U.K. digital animation, cinematics and VFX studio Realtime (www.realtimeuk.com) has confirmed plans to create 50 new jobs over the next two years. The shop is creating 25 new jobs in Westby near Lytham in Lancashire, with a further 25 new positions in Manchester. The recruitment campaign will help grow the studio into one of the largest in the North West, employing a mix of up to 100 full-time staff and freelance digital artists by the end of 2021.

North West VFX house Realtime to create 50 new jobs

On top of its plans to create 50 new VFX roles, it’s also added 10 permanent creative and production staff over the last two months. The latest recruitment campaign will make Realtime one of the biggest VFX suppliers in the North West, employing up to 100 full-time staff and freelance digital artists.

Realtime creating 50 new jobs following War of the Worlds contract

North West digital animation, cinematics and visual effects studio Realtime is creating 50 new jobs over the next two years following its work on BBC sci-fi title The War of the Worlds.

Working on Game of Thrones Cinematic Trailer

The team of RealtimeUK shared some details behind the production of an outstanding Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming trailer made for Yoozoo Games.

Gaming out Game of Thrones

With a team of 30 over 6 months, Realtime UK have produced some breathtaking digital versions of Cersei, Daenerys, Tyrion and more. The work shows both the hardcore artistry from the modellers and artists at the hip indie company, and the depth of technical advance in key technology, especially V-Ray.

RealtimeUK spotlight for "Game Of Thrones: Winter is Coming"

We’re a VFX and animation studio with 2 locations in the UK, our foundations are Cinematic trailers for games, such as SMITE, War Thunder, Jurassic World… But we also have a world leading Automotive Department and we’ve recently had a big break into TV, which should be on screens very soon. Basically, we love creating visually stunning content for all audiences.


How do you create photorealistic versions of the world’s most well-known TV stars from scratch? We asked RealtimeUK to break down its epic video game cinematic.

Behind the Scenes of Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming

Being huge fans of the Game of Thrones TV series, the team at RealtimeUK were excited when asked to produce this 135 second CG trailer for Yoozoo Games’ latest PC browser title, ‘Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming.’
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