flaregames Zombie Gunship Survival

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Our latest live action/CGI trailer for Zombie Gunship Survival, the follow-up of the 2011 #1 top grossing mobile game Zombie Gunship!

Based in a post-apocalyptic zombie infested world where survivors have broken into factions and are competing to survive by raiding each other’s supplies. This trailer follows one such mission, as a small squad raids an enemy compound to retrieve valuable assets. The success of the mission relies on the support from their AC-130 gunship holding off a fast approaching horde of Zombies.

It was awesome to be a part of another live action/cg augmentation, we worked closely with Space Digital on the production of the shoot who did a great job on finding the best location and putting together a fantastic crew. Collaborating with flaregames on developing the treatment and especially having them on shoot to get the detail right for the uniforms, setting and action was a real pleasure. It’s always great to work with a client that shares our passion for detail and quality!

Check out what went on behind the scenes below.


Behind the Scenes

Exploding Zombie R&D