Real War World of Tanks: All Platforms

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Director: Ian Jones Client:

The Concept

With All Platforms, we endeavored to unite the multiple platforms for World  of Tanks into one massive trailer. The focus was on bringing out platform specific features, such as keyboards, tablets or the iconic X, to suggest the various platforms the game is released for.

The Production

Throughout production, we worked hard on bridging the separate scenes together, to create a seamless transition that takes the viewer through the trailer’s endless loop. Every scene is thought-out to best evoke the platform it represents and to segue fluidly into the following shot. The environments were given a lot of attention to show off a world ravaged by tank warfare.

The scenes in this trailer were massive, reaching over a hundred million polygons in some cases. That’s why, for static environment as well as the tanks themselves, the team used an XRef system to bring assets into the scenes. This kept file sizes manageable and allowed them to update assets throughout production with automatic propagation of changes. Additionally, they used proxy objects to keep viewport performance up while still working with high-fidelity geometry.