Real Stormy World of Warships – Storm

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In anticipation of the launch of Wargaming’s latest blockbuster title, Realtime were asked to produce this epic CG trailer for E3 2014. Utilising a specially developed CG pipeline, our Artists were challenged with creating some of the most impressive water simulations ever seen on screen. In the trailer, images of a tranquil beach are juxtaposed against dramatic Atlantic Storms in which some of World War II’s biggest Warships battle it out for Naval supremacy. Taking advantage of RealTimeUK’s advanced VFX pipeline, the treatment also features the ‘forces sweetheart’ photo which first appeared in the ‘World of Warplanes – Trailer 4’ piece; A simple device which ties the two brands together and adds to the emotional impact.

Director: Ian Jones Client:

Making of World of Warships - Storm

Following on from the huge success of World of Tanks and their follow up title ‘World of Warplanes’, Wargaming’s momentum continues to push new territory in hotly anticipated latest game ‘World of Warships’

Produced for E3 2014, this trailer pushes now boundaries in what is achievable in VFX and uses the latest developments in CG particle effects and water dynamics.

Accompanied by a Thunderous Music Score, the creative for the piece was developed in-house; cutting between the heights of a dramatic naval battle and the serene aftermath of war.