Real Fire Power World of Tanks: Rubicon X

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Now with over 100million registered users worldwide, ‘World of Tanks’ continues to dominate the free-to-play online military games genre. So when Wargaming release Rubicon a new update to the game, it’s a big deal and we are absolutely delighted to help them announce it to the world.

Our artists thoroughly enjoyed getting immersed in this project. We build suspense in an atmospheric and eerie setting while slowly unveiling alternate historical 1940’s Paris. The war-torn city then faces the onslaught of some serious weaponry which rather dramatically changes the face of Paris and results in the total destruction of the Eiffel Tower!


The Concept

We were happy to return to World of Tanks with a new CG trailer, this time centered around an iconic location: Paris, France. Our aim this time was to portray the use of tactics and teamwork between two opposing teams. One squads lures the other into an ambush with a gramophone, and we also showcase the use of rocket strikes, a feature from the new game update.

The Production

This trailer is all about atmosphere, evoking a vintage feel. The Eiffel tower environment has been recreated to match real-life Paris, giving a sense of authenticity to the scenes.


Upgrading to V-Ray 3.2 allowed us to make use of the renderer’s improved proxy system so that our scenes could be filled with clutter without causing issues during rendering. As with previous trailers, every asset is an XRef, so we can iterate on models, textures and shaders even after we’ve assembled them into the shots.


Again due to V-Ray 3.2 we’ve been able to better integrate our volumetric fluid simulations into the scenes, using the new V-Ray Volume Grid. This means our smoke and dust is now correctly lit by HDRIs and global illumination, without a big impact to render times.


Instead of going bigger, with this trailer we’ve gone deeper into strategic elements and taking the viewer on an atmospheric journey, regardless if they’ve played World of Tanks before or not.

VFX Breakdown