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RealtimeUK has always found issues with the connectivity between their two North West based studios. Separated by fifty miles of city, traffic, potholes and sheep; productivity has always been obscured; thousands of lost artists’ time marooned somewhere on the M6 (we’re guessing close to Junction 30).

In order to try and combat this, Managing Director Tony Prosser took action, and over a seven-year period a new high-speed internet link was installed to electronically connect the two studios. The installation was a success, and the company even found itself featured within the Financial Times, further highlighting RealtimeUK’s high regard for connectivity between their studios.

But a high speed internet connection wasn’t enough- and with their increasing production schedule, and ever-increasing production resolution- RealtimeUK decided that things needed to be taken a step further.

“We needed instant connectivity… quite literally,” Automotive Director, Graham James explained. “If I wanted the latest render of our next Bentley asset from the guys over in Manchester, I’d prefer to see it on it on my computer screen in the time it would take me to snap my fingers, much like the supercars that we work with.”

What’s currently being regarded as the “Express Transfer Link”- something that “even Tony Stark would struggle to make,” has rumoured data transfer speeds of 80 terabytes in a matter of seconds.