Unknown Worlds SubNautica

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RealtimeUK were thrilled when they got the news that they were going to be working with Unknown Worlds to create a 90 second trailer for SubNautica; the beautifully aesthetic openworld, survival game, that’s popular amongst the Steam community.

Unknown Worlds wanted the cinematic to delve into SubNautica’s backstory, exploring the background of important characters within the lore who arrived prior to the game timeline; while also leaving some things unexplained to spark intrigue amongst fans to want to find out more about the game’s world.

It was very important to Unknown Worlds that the cinematic faithfully followed the art style and visual appearanceĀ of their game. This also had to be completed within a deadline that was much tighter than most. Unknown Worlds were incredibly happy with how the trailer performed, especially after it surpassed 3 million views within its first week!

“RealtimeUK knocked it out of the park for us! I really enjoyed working with their talented team. They produced high quality work under a demanding schedule and I have no hesitation about working with them again.” – Cory Strader, Unknown Worlds


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