SubNautica: Below Zero

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SubNautica: Below Zero is the standalone expansion to the hugely popular game ‘SubNautica’ for which RealtimeUK also created a trailer in 2018. Already announced in August 2018, Unknown Worlds commissioned RealtimeUK to create a second trailer to mark the launch of the game in early access. The original game has proven to be not just a critical hit, with an ‘Overwhelmingly Positive’ review score on Steam, but a hugely commercial one thanks in part to the huge marketing efforts and assets it has used to promote the game.  This latest update is described as a “new chapter” in the SubNautica story, unfolding across a previously unseen, ice-bound region of ocean planet 4546B.

The original game has proven incredibly popular in China where it is published by Perfect World, with the original trailer entrancing audiences during China Joy in 2018.

“The experience we had working with RealtimeUK on the SubNautica game launch trailer was outstanding, so we were eager to work with them again for the teaser trailer of our new game.  Not only did they match the high quality bar set previously, but they exceeded it in every way with the Below Zero trailer.” – Cory Strader, Art Director at Unknown Worlds