Jagex RuneScape: Adventure Calls

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When we found out that we were going to be revisiting the wonderful world of RuneScape, we couldn’t have been more excited. With its rich 17-year history, we were honoured to be asked to create the main branding trailer for the prodigious game that has over 250 million registered players.

Building on the 2.5D cinematics that we have previously made for RuneScape Eastern Lands and Mephanos, our artists set out to push the limits of what they could do, to an image projected on geometry. As Senior Generalist Chris Scubli explains, “Trying to achieve the illusion of 3D, while preserving the illustrative look became a fine balancing act.”

Lead Animator Will Eades also weighed in, on creating a cinematic feel to an illustrative world- “The animation was fairly restricted to minimal movements due to the nature of the 2.5D approach but I feel the amount of character and life we gave to the paintings was just right. Subtle details like eye darts and facial expressions were used to really push the final quality up. The finished animation along with the amazing FX work, really brings the piece together to create yet another beautiful looking cinematic.”