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Limitless\RT is RealtimeUK’s bespoke automotive pipeline for creating images, configurators, animations and interactive experiences – one of the most powerful products on the market.

Our brief for Limitless\RT was simple. We wanted to create an image of a car in CG as easily as a photographer could take a photograph. However, we didn’t want the image to be of just one car, we wanted that image to be of every possible combination of the car. We wanted to free the technical challenges associated with automotive configurators and create a pipeline where you can be as open and creative for a configurator as you could be for an animation or stills pieces. In Limitless\RT we have achieved just that.

We looked at our stills pipeline, animation pipeline and configurator pipeline and took the best of each combining them in a way where we could both increase image quality and reduce time lengths for the best of both worlds.

Limitless\RT has been so successful that it didn’t just replace our configurator pipeline, it replaced all of our automotive pipelines. This helps not only image quality and timing, but also versatility of assets.

We can now turn a configurator into a high-res still. An animation into a print resolution image. A print resolution image into a fully configurable image for personalised brochures.