Real Sports Kinect Sports Rivals: Visual Benchmark Movie

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In addition to our Trailers, Animation Services and Marketing Imagery, Realtime also have a rich heritage in producing Visual Target Movies for development teams and Games Publishers. These are often created at a very early stage of a game’s development and help cement the vision of the project, saving extended development time (and money!) further down the line.

In this latest project, produced for Rare, Realtime were asked to create a short V-Tar movie (Visual Target) at the early development stage of ‘Kinect Sports Rivals’. This ‘V-Tar’ movie served to act as a visual guide to the games development, In conjunction with earlier movies that Realtime also created for Rare on this title. Using this approach helped set the ‘look and feel’ of the title, its characters and the world – realising the development team’s intended vision.

Working collaboratively with the Rare team, Realtime closely followed Rare’s concept for the piece, adding in our own level of creativity through the use of our own additional concept imagery, to help push the quality of the production piece even further. The result was a short movie that ‘evangelised’ and excited both Rare and the wider stakeholders at Microsoft.

Director: Ian Jones Client: