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RealtimeUK a Key Partner on Infiniti’s European Winter Campaign for its new brand positioning


This winter, we partnered with Infiniti to deliver assets to showcase the global concern’s intelligent all-wheel-drive system, as part of the ‘Drive to Become Limitless’ campaign to deploy an all-new Brand Platform for the promotion of Infiniti’s entire range of cars on sale in Europe, including the Q30, QX30 and Q50.

Against the stunning backdrop of the Alps and working alongside a live action shoot crew, the RealtimeUK team first shot a set of photographic HDRI backplates to perfectly integrate with the assets being created elsewhere. We then delivered a series of ‘Key Visuals’ of the vehicles individually, in pairs and as a complete range on those backplates in photo-realistic CGI to lead the stills element of the campaign.

The campaign is now live across Infiniti’s European Websites and the result is the perfect mix of thrilling live action and engaging CGI assets to drive home the technical advances inherent in every Infiniti.

Damien Cauvet, Section Manager Advertising and Publishing for Infiniti Europe commented that “RealtimeUK really provided an extra dimension to this winter campaign to provide extra flexibility and wider possibilities to deploy our new Brand positioning ‘Luxury should be lived in’. The backgrounds shot in the Alps to complement the overall look and feel of the initiative were fantastic and the work to integrate the cars in CGI into the scene by the team is, as usual, second to none.”

Stay tuned for more assets to be delivered as part of the campaign’s second phase!