Real Bang Exploding Zombie R&D

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Blowing up zombies is always going to be fun, especially with the Soft Body Fracturing tools in Houdini. Once the mesh was fractured into pieces we then used a custom glue attribute and custom input velocities to drive the simulations. We also used Houdini’s ability to wedge simulation attributes to generate 100s of variations, this let us easily find values that gave us the best results. The wedging generated simulations all the way from small impacts to large soup like destruction’s. Zombie meshes were imported from 3DS-Max converted to tetrahedrons for the simulation and then a final mesh was generated and exported back to 3DS-Max for rendering. Extra blood was generated in Houdini from the fracture points in a POP network which was very fast and easy to control.

Check out the full trailer and ‘Behind the Scenes’