Evil Genius 2

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Almost 15 years since the beloved ‘Evil Genius’ was first launched on PC, the real-time strategy game is back for a sequel. Developed by Rebellion, ‘Evil Genius 2: World Domination’  is set for release in 2020. In the run up to launch, Rebellion debuted the trailer, at this year’s PC Gaming show where it was able to secure a huge amount of publicity in the run up to E3. The trailer perfectly captures the fun aspects of the much anticipated sequel in which players will be able create doomsday devices, customize their own lair, and create new traps.

“With the invaluable assistance of RealtimeUK, we were able to bring Zombie Army 4 and Evil Genius 2 to life on the biggest stage in the games industry. Our games made their debuts on the PC Gaming Show at E3, which live-streamed both of the games’ incredible cinematic trailers live to hundreds of thousands of viewers. The response to both videos was overwhelmingly positive, producing record-breaking levels of interest including our highest ever numbers for Steam Wishlists.” – Sinan Kubba PR Executive at Rebellion