Tencent CrossFire

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CrossFire was an extremely compelling project for RealtimeUK, as it presented another prestigious opportunity for us to make a striking statement in the Asian market. Our artists couldn’t wait to collaborate with Tencent and their agency Blue Focus, to construct their thrilling cinematic for the most popular First Person Shooter game in the world. CrossFire has over 650 million registered players!

Within the trailer’s early production stages, it became an interesting challenge for our artists to mould CrossFire’s Eastern art style to make it work for a Western audience, whilst still keeping the essence of what made CrossFire popular in the first place.

We found it important to pay close attention to detail when it came to creating the trailer’s environment, as the mysterious submarine warehouse also doubles as a level within the game.

“We had to expand the battlefield to allow for more movement, but we hope that fans of the game recognise it and enjoy the trailer more because of it.”- Chris Scubli, Senior Generalist.

The trailer also let us play to our strengths as a character led production house, developing and exploring the personalities of the four main figures within the piece. Our artists found it important to allow each hero character to have their time to shine within the action, adding a narrative depth to the work.

Given its huge scale, we’re incredibly proud of the final edit and were even more thrilled that our client felt the same- “RealtimeUK are the most professional team I’ve ever had the chance of working with,” Brenda Zhang, Account Director, Blue Focus

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