Bentley Bentley Mulsanne

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The second in our latest work with Bentley, Mulsanne.

As with the Bentayga our focus was on showing the hand crafted quality and detail that goes into creating this luxury car with bespoke modelling of all soft surfaces helped us achieve extremely high levels of image quality and realism by re-modelling all of those surfaces – seats, door linings, arm rests etc.

For the small details such as the stitching, a central asset of a single stitch was created and the leather surface around it was sculpted in order to acheive as much detail and realism as possible. This single asset was then applied all over the car so that the detail and quality of the stitch was consistent regardless of the angle the interior would be seen from. This same method was used for a variety of finishes to the leather whether it was perforated, quilted or even hand cross stitch.


Most recently, Bentley launched a ‘Look Closer‘ campaign where you zoom into 53,000,000,000 pixels to reveal a Bentley on the Golden Gate Bridge. Our assets, as well as the configurators were used in the 360 panorama, where you can explore the car in 3D space. The Campaign caught lots of media attention and received over 900,000 views in the first week!


With a single source of data we’ve created versatile, high-quality assets that have been used in the configurator, Inspirator App, web tiles, marketing imagery currently in the Bentagya brochure, 360 panorama and the Bentayga Visualiser.

Why not go and try the billions of configurations and personalise your own Bentley!


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