Top Tip: Modelling

This week James Turvey – our awesome Modeller – is sharing three key bits of advice for anyone that’s keen to join him in the Modelling arena!

Reference is king
Your work will only be as good as your reference and concept images. Start off by collecting plenty of images that you like the look of: they can be for general shot layouts, material references, lighting reference, dirt details, anything- just get it downloaded! Once you have found your images, sift through them all and create a mood board of specific elements that you like. Once you get a collection of ideas together in the same place, it’ll be ten times easier to achieve a great 3D model.

Baby Steps
Don’t jump in and start modelling the tiny details before you have decided on the most significant parts of the piece, like what cameras you are going to use. If you work everything up to a similar quality level, it’ll be easier to add in the detail where it’s needed- so you won’t be kicking yourself for hand sculpting a cracked brick that is only 20 pixels wide in the final shot!

Kill Your Darlings
There might be some parts of an asset that you love and are what you think makes the whole piece shine, although in reality it may just not work in the shot and cutting it out might be for the best. So don’t be too precious with your work and take other people’s advice proactively, to make sure that you are working to your full potential.