Top Tip – Be organised!


This week’s Tip Tip comes for Jon Clayton

Stay Organised!

As detail and quality levels increase year after year, asset management is becoming more and more important. Complex 3ds max scenes can rapidly become unusable if they are not organized. If you already work in a studio, there will be standards to work to, however even as a student or freelancer there are 3 basics that you can do:

  • Whether it’s files on disc or objects and materials in your scene, consistent and clear naming is key.
  • A clean and simple way of separating an environment from a rig from a character from lighting from cameras.
  • Try to keep everything consistently scaled, preferably 1:1. You’ll thank yourself when assembling scenes from a variety of assets.

These are simple but effective ways to make your life and anyone you pass the file on to 10x easier!

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