The Evolution of Storytelling: ProConnect Rundown

On Thursday we travelled to Seventy7 in Manchester, to watch Stu talk at Creative England’s #ProConnectMCR ‘The Evolution of Storytelling’ panel.

The theme of this ProConnect event revolved around the relationship between the film, TV and games industries of the north. Manchester being a cornucopia for it all; it’s the second largest producer of video games (after London) in the UK, within an industry that’s worth £4bn. The day set out to understand the interconnected nature of the talents and skills needed in each of the disciplines.

Following an inspiring speech by Dawn Paine, Creative England’s Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer, the first panel of the day got underway, which consequently happened to be ‘The Evolution of Storytelling’ panel. Stu sat alongside Alex Kunawicz from Laduma, Pete Bottomley of White Paper Games and Richard Ramchurn from AlbinoMosquito, to discuss the progression of storytelling though each of their mediums.

One of the main topics of the conversation centred around the developing trend in VR, and if it will ever have the possibility to become a mainstream method of storytelling. Stu shared some interesting thoughts on the topic, expressing how he believed that “Storytelling is the most important aspect of …… that nobody has mastered yet.” He explained that in VR “you don’t know where to look- and that’s the whole point of it, which goes against the storytelling side of things.”

Consequentially Stu offered insights into how he felt that VR was great for creating experiences and emotive content. He cited its evolution within theme parks; and particular successes in Derren Brown’s Ghost Train at Thorpe Park – “that’s what VR’s naturally designed to do.”

But he also explained how he felt that storytelling could work in VR; “Stages could be built into the virtual world, restricting the viewer to certain areas. You could then tell certain stories at certain points.” This gave an interesting insight into what might well become the future of storytelling.

Overall, we had a fantastic day taking part in the ProConnect Converge, and we can’t wait to attend our next panel.