Say Hello To Flora

Meet Flora! She’s recently graduated from ArtFX in France and has joined the studio, via the RealtimeUK Academy, as our new CG Generalist and Environment Artist, as part . You can find out a bit more about her below…

Tell me a little bit about yourself?

Hello! My name is Flora, I’m 26 and I come from the South of France. This is my first job in the industry and I am very excited to start my career at RealtimeUK.

What’s your role at RealtimeUK?

I am a CG Generalist and Environment Artist; which means I don’t really have a specialty but I can give a hand wherever help is needed. As I am a Junior, I’m in a great position to develop my skills and learn a lot about every step in the process.

What have you learnt about RealtimeUK since joining?

I have learnt that RealtimeUK is quite a quaint studio… but that comes with many perks. What I like the most is that the artists here know each other very well, and work collaboratively. They’re also very cheerful and I received a warm welcome when I joined. I find that it is a peaceful and healthy environment for working, which is why, after attending the RealtimeUK Academy in August, I was so eager to come back.

What made you want to go into CGI?

At first, CGI was the realistic choice for the “I want to be an artist!” job. But when I actually started to learn how to use it, I realised I loved it as much as I enjoyed painting and drawing. I feel as though it is just another tool to transfer the great ideas out of your mind, and a very cool one as well, because you can bring them to life!

So, what does an average day at work consist of for you?

I am currently working alongside Stu, the Art Director at the Studio. During the day he will come to my desk to see how my current projects are going, and help me if I have any issues or questions… and as the processes and pipelines are quite new to me, I have many! I am currently making matte-paintings for a game cinematic in its last steps of production.

What’s been your favourite project to work on and the one that you are most proud of?

I would say that for now, it’s my graduating movie. I worked on it for a year with a team of fellow students. It was a very rich experience and even though it was far from being perfect, I learnt a great deal about teamwork and my own abilities. I found that this was also a good element to put into my demo reel when I started looking for a job after graduating.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced and how did you get around it?

I was the Art Director for my graduation movie project, so I had a lot of responsibilities regarding the overall look of the piece. The biggest challenge I had was finding the balance between what I liked, what was good for the movie and what the client wanted (our school acted like the client to make us experience a real work situation.) To help avoid frustration, I dedicated my free time to my own creative projects. And I still do!

What have you learned since you have been working here?

Including the Academy this summer, RealtimeUK have taught me many things. Adaptability, is what I would say is the most important. For example, the software here is very different from the ones that I am used to. But I realised that I should be confident in the fact that in the end I will be able to do most of the things I am asked.

Are there any upcoming things in the industry you think people need to keep an eye out for?

I’m not much into new tech developments, so I’m going to go with one that’s pretty obvious -VR. I have seen some amazing things surrounding it, in a wide variety of different fields. I’d like to think that it will soon be everywhere, like in a sci-fi movie.

What’s the one top tip you would give to aspiring artists?

Don’t ever expect to have nothing more to learn! This is a field where there is always something new to discover, new ways to create things… and I also believe that some skills take a lifetime to master. Being aware of this helps develop your ‘inner sponge’ that absorbs every bit of information around you, which will ultimately make you a better artist.

Tell me a fun fact about yourself?

I have been using Photoshop since I was 12 years old! It has always been one of my favourite things to do. My first creations were pretty lame… but I learned a lot, mostly through the help of online communities, which I couldn’t recommend enough. I also found that giving feedback on other people’s artwork is a very good way to sharpen my eye when it comes to picture analysis.