Meet Pete!

Tell me a little bit about yourself?

I’ve been involved in the games and CG industry since 2004, primarily in finding and keeping the best talent that’s out there. I’ve covered pretty much everything in the field (modellers, texturers, lighters, developers and so on).

A bit like Tom, I studied Computer Information Systems which had some creative work in things like publisher, but it was more technical and by the end I knew I wanted something a bit different that involved the creative industries. I kind of fell into recruiting (as most do) but managed to switch to being a recruiter for the games industry before joining you lovely people!

As for me, I’m a mancunian, a lover of cinema, video games and great storytelling (in any format). I’m also married and we have a little boy who is literally my world right now!

Last but not least, I’ve tried to keep my hand in creative pursuits on a hobbyist level. This was mainly level building for games, but in the last couple of years I (tried to) teach myself modelling and PBR texturing.


What’s your role at RealtimeUK?

I’m the Outsource Manager here. It’s my job to make sure that the guys on both the Cinematics and Automotive departments are getting the right assistance and resources to help them deliver projects.

This tends to be a mix of direct hiring (obvs!), contracting freelancers, but also involves working with and managing the output and relationships with 3rd party companies that partner with RealtimeUK.


So what does an average day consist of for you?

Honestly every day is different so far, which is what I love about it. Normally a lot of time involves searching, talking with and managing talent that expresses an interest in working with us, but I’ve also been involved in presentations, activity planning, co-ordination and managing expectations.


What’s the biggest challenge in your role right now?

We work in a very specialised and niche industry, so the competition for quality candidates can be fierce. RealtimeUK rightfully has a certain expectation set by the high watermark and quality of our previous projects.

So finding and attracting the right people who have the exact combination of skills, quality portfolios and team fit (because we value our culture) can leave you with a perilously small pool. Ergo you strike a balance between exacting matching and availability – and that can be a very fine balancing act.


What attracts people that do want to work with us?

The output is amazing and globally recognised! Almost everyone I have spoken with has not only heard of RealtimeUK, but also has huge admiration for the fantastic trailers, cinematics and the hyper-real imagery created by the automotive team. People see it as a huge career builder from a reputation and skill point of view as they see coming here as working with best-in-class CG teams.

What have you learned since you’ve been working here?

I always had sound knowledge of the packages, programs and procedures used by companies that created CG assets in real time environments. However, RealtimeUK has allowed me to learn more about the approach to pre-rendered assets, which I personally find really interesting.


What’s the best thing about working at RealtimeUK?

Working with a team and company that creates these amazing projects. It’s the kind of team I’ve wanted to be a part of for a long time, and now I am! Yay!


Tell me a fun fact about yourself?

I once starred in a play with Royal Exchange theatre called ‘Mad for It’ – which was about nightlife through to the modern day.