Have you met Carlos?

Recognised in the Top 100 Most Influential Artists for his Rendering and Lighting by 3D Artist… Have you met Carlos? 

Tell me a bit about yourself?

Well, I was born in 1983, in Malaga, Spain. I have been interested in traditional drawing, comics and graphic art since i was a child. I remember very well one summer afternoon when I was 15 years old, a friend of mine brought me a software called 3dstudio Max R3.

He assured me that it was the future! That we could create amazing things, whatever we wanted really. Buildings, animals, cars… from that point I started to approach to 3D and f have been completely self-taught.

What’s your role at RealtimeUK? 

At the moment, my role is to work in the car setup files, (organize the different trim options) and create the principal lighting setup.

So, what does an average day consist of for you?

Most days I get in early so I can get emails done, feedback and open 3dsMax, Nuke, PS and get creative! Of course, it depends of the project. Currently I am working on car configurators using 3dsmax getting the trims and options ready for render and composite in NUKE. I also create the base lighting for the all car trims.

What’s been your favourite project to work on and that you’re most proud of?

Clearly the Mercedes AMG 2048, this received the first place in 3dHumster Car challenger in 2015!




What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced and how did you get around it?

Haha! I’d have to say that right now, working at RealtimeUK is the biggest challenge for me, because it has new tools, new workflows, different ways to approach projects and for sure the language barrier. The expectations are so high but I’m staying focused and loving the challenge of creating such a high standard of work.

What have you learned since you’ve been working here?

I’ve learned and I’m still learning… but if I had to pick one thing out right now, it would be that the workflow is so important. Consistently creating amazing images and making the process as refined as possible.

What’s the best thing about working at RealtimeUK?

There are a lot of great things but, mostly I love the atmosphere and working environment!

Tell me a fun fact about yourself?

Well… i speak a little English. I’m still studying to improve my vocabulary and pronunciation. So, sometimes I seem little quite or shy. I’m actually quite the opposite, I just don’t understand or worry about not making any sense!


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