Chris Scubli in Conversation with Autodesk’s GameDev

Chris Scubli, one of our awesome Senior CG Generalists, recently featured on the popular Autodesk GameDev podcast. Episode 45 of the series saw Chris in conversation with Matthew; discussing his day to day activities as an artist on the RealtimeUK Cinematics team. Chris gave interesting insights into what inspired him to get into the industry, and how important packages like 3D Max were in the development of his skills.

Matthew and Chris also delved into some of the recent projects that have been produced by the studio. Examining the production process for World of Tanks, and how RealtimeUK’s five year relationship with Wargaming pushed our artists creative process’ to new boundaries; describing the lengths that the team went to, to make the trailer as realistic as possible.

Discussing their shared love of sci-fi, Chris was able to recount how much fun he had working on the cinematic for Dreadnought. And how the creative team were faced with the tricky situation of having to add character to a piece without characters.

The podcast concluded nicely with some invaluable tips by Chris for aspiring artists on how they could get into the industry. Where his key message was to ‘stay passionate, and to take control of your own destiny.’