Adam Laurie

3D Artist
3D Artist Adam Laurie

Jon Clayton

Lead Artist - Scene Dev
Lead Artist - Scene Dev Jon Clayton

Jon has been at RealtimeUK since before the start. Outside of work he takes great pleasure in eating, drinking, cycling, taking pictures and watching telly.

Pete Amachree

Concept Artist
Concept Artist Pete Amachree

Ian Jones

CG Director
CG Director Ian Jones

Ian started his career with RealtimeUK 15 years ago as a hands on Technical Director and has progressed into a full time Director. His focus is on written concepts, ideas, treatments and directing these right through to completion. He is a bit of a history buff so loves to get very involved in the research that surrounds his work and especially enjoyed Mummies Alive! But when he doesn’t have his head stuck in a project, he likes to spend all of his spare time with his young daughter.

Tom Pullan

Lead Artist - Scene Dev
Lead Artist - Scene Dev Tom Pullan

Tom has worked in CGI since the 1990s, on television, film, commercial and branding projects. His scope of experience covers all aspects of CGI from building animatics to final composite and editing - and everything in between.

John Batchelor

Animator John Batchelor

John has worked in the animation industry for over 10 years. He's animated everything from monkeys to subatomic particles in work for games, education and TV, but unlike his energetic characters, John prefers to move as little as possible. In fact, away from work he likes nothing better than curling up on the sofa with his wife and son and watching a good movie.

Stuart Bayley

Art Director
Art Director Stuart Bayley

Hey I’m Stu the Art Director at Realtime. My passion has always been art and I’m a big fan of one direction...all of them.... So I guess what I’m saying is I think I’ve always been destined to be an Art Director. I also like beards, but not on ladies.

Chris Scubli

Senior Generalist - VFX TD
Senior Generalist - VFX TD Chris Scubli

Forever a big fan of sci-fi, Chris messed with CG as a hobby in his early teens. After high school, he decided to fully dedicate himself to CG and has worked on TV commercials, music videos, game trailers and web-series. With over a decade's worth of experience in the industry, Chris has been with Realtime for over two years. His free time is spent playing video-games with his wife, reading sci-fi books and watching movies that involve CG.

Damian Bilinski

Automotive Artist
Automotive Artist Damian Bilinski

Damian started working in CGI over 6 years ago. His interest in CGI first peaked after seeing an image of a Honda Civic from another artist. He was inspired to see if he could better it. So he set out to teach himself how, using Blender a free open source software and online tutorials. But when he moved onto 3dsMax he said it was “mind blowing!” Although Damian’s experience is as a general artist his passion is creating the perfect photo realistic image using his skills in materials, texturing and shading.

Heather Lamb

Office Manager
Office Manager Heather Lamb

Heather is a 13 year veteran of Realtime & looks after the Admin & Financial side of our business. Outside of work Heather is married with teenage twin daughters & a Pug. Lots to keep her busy!!

Gareth Alldred

Modeller Gareth Alldred

Gareth has worked for Realtime for 8 years and is a core member of the modelling department. He joined after studying Multimedia and Digital Animation where he developed his passion for modelling and texturing. When not at work Gareth's other passion is mountain biking, racing Enduro’s, visiting downhill courses or just generally messing about on bikes.

Chris Blankley

CG Automotive Generalist
CG Automotive Generalist Chris Blankley

I'm from Leicester “Premier League Champions” and began creating 3D when I was 16 and soon realised this is the area for me. I am mostly self-taught in my skills with my original background being design. As I've always been a huge motorsport fan, my early projects were usually car related! I have known about RealtimeUK for a quite few years now and I have always been amazed at the global scale of projects from the automotive side to the international game trailers. Knowing that your work could be seen by potentially millions of people is a nice feeling.... if not a bit scary!

Graham James

Senior Producer (Automotive)
Senior Producer (Automotive) Graham James

Having always been an avid gamer and passionate about cars, I began my journey in the CG industry specialising in driving games. Over my 18 years in the industry I worked on or produced over 20 titles. I am now taking this passion for cars to a new level at RealtimeUK working in the automotive department. I am still an avid game fan, currently addicted to Destiny, but when not in front of the PS4 you can find me hunting for the twistiest roads I can find, on my trusty Aprilia RSV.

Jane Forsyth

Head of
Head of
Jane Forsyth

Jane has a calming influence over the team but she would describe herself to be more like a swan! Jane has been in the CG/VFX Industry for 10 years working on BAFTA winning projects, she loves the variety and challenging work Realtime creates .

Dave Cullinane

Account Director
Account Director
Dave Cullinane

Dave has worked in Video Games for the best part of 20 years. He originally joined the Games Industry as an Artist and Animator producing titles for some of gaming’s earliest consoles. He’s always happy to help and works with clients all over the Globe on all kinds of projects, helping them pave their way to future success!

Pete Leonard

Outsource Manager
Outsource Manager Pete Leonard

Pete’s been involved in the games and CG industry since 2004, primarily in finding and keeping the best talent that’s out there, covering pretty much everything from modellers, to pipeline developers and everything in between. He kind of stumbled into recruiting (as most do) and then stumbled (again!) on an interest in 3D later on, before pursuing being professional involved in the creative industry - hence the switch to recruiting for games companies. Pete is our custodian for not only talent acquisition but outsourcing efforts too. He likes to spend his time with his wife and little boy, watching films, gaming and socialising.

Tony Prosser

Tony Prosser

Tony founded Realtime in 1996 after studying illustration and computer graphics for 5 years to degree level. He had a vision to create the highest possible standards of CGi Animation work within the Industry and this objective is still the number one driver for the studio to this day. Tony’s key purpose now is to drive the highest standards of image quality, technology and creativity through everything they do and works closely with the management team and key clients to make this a reality. Tony is married with two daughters aged 7 and 10 who both enjoying keeping an eye on the work the studio creates!

Graham Collier

Lead Artist
Lead Artist Graham Collier

Graham has worked in the CG/VFX Industry since the last millennium and has worked on many award winning projects. He is passionate about creating great VFX and loves to play around in Houdini making all types of crazy dynamic simulations. He is always on the look out for new techniques and creative ways to improve our work.

Jason Swift-Clowes

Senior Modeller
Senior Modeller Jason Swift-Clowes

Jason has been involved in the Games & Visualisation industry for over 20 years after studying Illustration and then teaching Technical & Figurative Drawing at college. He joined Realtime in 2008 after being excited & inspired by the different styles of work they were producing. Jason is a keen sports & movies fan and is a bit of a petrolhead! He also tries to beat the ageing process by keeping active. His grey hair is dyed by his horrified girlfriend every month to keep up that lie - but with 2 boys age 19 & 4 at home the grey hairs keep spreading!

James Kirkham

Lead Artist
Lead Artist James Kirkham

James has worked in the CG industry for nearly 10 years with a passion for lighting and rendering. He has a tireless dedication to his craft with a highly critical eye, embracing complex tasks and rising to new challenges is what he enjoys most.

Will Eades

Lead Animator
Lead Animator Will Eades

Will has been Lead Character Animator at Realtime for 5 years and loves nothing more than seeing his work come to life. Recently returning from a 5 month sabbatical travelling around the world has increased his passion for animation & his drive to become even better… and even with the long break from lunch time ping pong, he still hasn’t lost it!

Simon Dixon

Senior CG Generalist
Senior CG Generalist Simon Dixon

Daniel Dubacher

Digital Artist
Digital Artist Daniel Dubacher

I'm a Star Wars kid and born in the 80‘s and very interested in Sci-Fi. I started off as more of a generalist then moved onto VFX and CGI on a professional level in 2009. My main skills lie in modelling/shading/lighting of hard surface objects, so I couldn’t wait to get started on some of the big car brands RealtimeUK are working on! To find out more take a little look at my blog post!

Adrian Vickers

Senior Generalist - VFX TD
Senior Generalist - VFX TD Adrian Vickers

Adrian is a 16 year veteran of the CG industry and his lack of hair proves it! His passion is visual effects ranging from rigid body simulations to explosions to ice giants. He loves to problem solve and is always on the look out for new techniques and ideas. Out of work he plays squash for a local team...when his body lets him, has the odd game of golf and enjoys a pint or two at the local.

Zoe Matthews

Marketing Manager
Marketing Manager Zoe Matthews

Creating a strong brand with the use of in depth marketing analysis is something that Zoe is incredibly passionate about. Outside of work it's food... Whether she eating out with friends, cooking or watching it on TV. Food is always at the center.

Will Elliott

Lead Automotive Artist
Lead Automotive Artist Will Elliott

Will has worked as a Digital Artist in the Advertising industry for over ten years. He enjoys all aspects of image making and works as a Modeller, Shading and Lighting Artist, Compositor and also Re-toucher. Will also enjoys the technical sides to the industry and has developed the Limitless/RT solution and is now also looking into Realtime rendering solutions. Outside of work Will enjoys F1 and running.

James Turvey

Modeller James Turvey

A twisted turn of events led to James graduating from the University of Bolton with a degree in Visual Effects after originally wanting to study Animatronics. James soon found his way to Realtime, grabbing some valuable Arch Viz experience along the way. When he's away from his desk you'll probably find him up a hill or planning his next adventure.

Sam Pegg

IT Manager
IT Manager Sam Pegg

Sion Chaisty

3D Build Supervisor - Automotive
3D Build Supervisor - Automotive Sion Chaisty

Nick Moutafis

Pipeline Technical Director
Pipeline Technical Director Nick Moutafis

One of our producers used to describe what Nick does as "Magic". In reality he is a Tool Developer and Problem Solver with a CG Generalist background. If you want to make him happy, ask him to find a quick solution to your problem. Aside from CG he enjoys playing puzzle games & reading about Technology and Design.

David Weaver

3D Asset Supervisor - Automotive
3D Asset Supervisor - Automotive David Weaver

From fast cars to crazy characters, David loves seeing the things he builds come to life thanks to the rest of the team. If he's not at work wearing his Superman t-shirt and drinking from his Superman mug, then he'll be at home with his wife making her watch the movie for the 100th time!